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How to make home made pizza ?


How to make a dish for a newcomer.The pizza is so far in the store. 

I am here to make it easy at home. 

This is a pizza made in dosa! Do not rotate the face as what dosa mawa. 
The pizza is available in the store but the pizza for the same tasting with the dough at home .. can be made very simple! Make it red when the dosa flour is fresh. 

At the end of the weekend, the flour will go sour Go to the recipe now? Chop chilli, onion and Bangalore tomatoes (no tomatoes; fermented. Podia can not be chopped; sprinkle with water). - Screw the cheese with the carrot screwing tool Put the dosa stone and touch the lassa oil and wipe the stone. 

Then pour in the dosa flour. Idli Mawil does just that. 

Some people like to drink a little water if dosa is flour. Idli mavil stone dosa in the base of the whole. 

Medium or small size. Don't let too much oil around. Just leave.

 Cover the dosa with the mouth. Put the stove on the sim; Methu Muttunnu Dosala is a good sapta ready. 

Now pour some tomato sauce over the top of the dosa and make it look like a whole dosa. 
Sprinkle with chopped chilli, onions, tomatoes and cheese first.

 Put the spoon and fill it well with the spoon Prepare pizza dosa in a while !! 
Eat like Kuwaiti seam tasty. 

What's extra special is that you don't need to make any side dish beyond it. 

This pizza is our home menu on this week's Children's Day Night. 

There was Supra !! The read this new dish and make golden beans.

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