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Semolina pudding Recipe  (Sooji Ka Halwa Recipe)

Today I am sharing the recipe of 

making semolina halwa with you.

 If you make this pudding by following the steps I have mentioned, 

then this pudding will be ready to be grainy and very tasty.
It does not require any special occasion to make it. 

Whenever you feel like eating sweet,
you can immediately eat this semolina pudding.

Ingredients for Sooji Ka Halwa Recipe

Semolina = 250 grams
Sugar = 250 grams
Ghee = 200 grams
Yellow food color = two pinches
Kevda water = one teaspoon
Small cardamom powder = half a teaspoon
Cashew = seven to eight, finely chopped
Almonds = seven to eight, finely chopped
Pistachio = 10 - finely chopped
Raisins = two teaspoons

It is very important to roast semolina properly while making pudding.

Dry fruit can be reduced or added as per your choice.

If you make semolina halwa in desi ghee, it will add more flavor.

Semolina pudding Recipe
Halwa Recipe

How To Make Halwa

To make semolina granular pudding, place the pan on gas and add semolina to it and roast it on a medium-medium flame. It is very important to roast semolina properly to make semolina pudding. If it is not roasted properly, then your pudding will not become as tasty as you want.

The semolina is fried on medium gas in five to seven minutes. Turn off the gas when the semolina is roasted and take out the semolina in a plate or bowl. Because the pan is very hot, if you leave the semolina in it, then it will start to form from the bottom and the color of the semolina will deteriorate.

Now take another pan and take three times the quantity of semolina in it and now add sugar and cook it on high flame till the sugar dissolves.

In this, you do not have to make a string of sugar or two-wire syrup, but let the water cook till it comes to a boil and let the sugar dissolve in it. When the water boils and the sugar also dissolves, add small cardamom powder and food color to it. Food color is optional, you can skip it, you can also put both these things and mix it, turn off the gas and keep it on one side.

Put the pot in which you want to make the pudding on gas and add ghee to it. When the ghee is slightly warm, add cashews, almonds, pistachios and raisins and mix it, add roasted semolina and fry semolina with ghee for two minutes.

By doing this, semolina pudding becomes very blossom and granular. After two minutes put sugar syrup in it, add sugar syrup in two times, first put half and stir once and then add the remaining sugar syrup. Take special care that the sugar syrup should be hot, it should not be cold, that is, we have to add sugar syrup to it.

Now mix it and cook it while stirring for five to seven minutes. In a while, the semolina will begin to swell, keep it running evenly so that it does not fall down, while running it, take care because it gets sprinkled.

According to our method, each granule is fed by making halwa. 
When the pudding starts to look like this, 
turn off the gas as keeping it for a while will make it thicker.

Now mix Kevda water in it and mix once, now our pudding is ready to serve. 
Remove it in a serving bowl and garnish with some dry fruit. 
This will increase its test even further.

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