Easy School Snacks For kids | Healthy school snacks for kids

Easy School Snacks For kids

School Snacks For kids
School Snacks For kids

Quick and easy school snacks to pack for your kids

Children who participate in the whole process of planning, shopping (if any), and developing their ability to select and enjoy healthy food prepare their lunchbox.

School Snacks For kids Chapati Rolls

Chapati Rolls

These are simple, all you have to do is make chapati and roll it with the filling of your choice. When we want it to be heavy, there is cheese in our filling otherwise there is jam (homemade) or ghee and sugar.

School Snacks For kids Coin dosa

Sikka Dosa is an option to go to the mine for breakfast without fuss. All you need is a dosa batter. These are two coin-sized pieces that may have cheese toppings.

School Snacks For kids Khakra

It is a crisp version of roti or fenugreek thepla. Very good to give as breakfast. 100% home-made and healthy. You can give jam as an accompaniment

School Snacks For kids Sundal

It is a very famous dish of Tamil Nadu. You just have to pre-plan a little. Pre-soak the chickpeas until they germinate. Before you set the lunch box, take some oil in the pan, add mustard, curry leaves, and asafoetida. Combine these soaked but dried sprouts. There are many varieties of Sundal. You can use Kabuli chana, green moong (pasi pair), mott, horse gram, or the like. Finely chopped cucumbers, carrots can also be added as a topping.

 School Snacks For kids Paniyaram / Apple

These are made from dosa batter. If you have a paniyaram chatti or pan to make these small dosa batter pakoras, it is surprisingly easy to make in one stroke.

School Snacks For kids Sattu Laddu

well and good If you make sattu powder at home. But if you bring it to the store-bought, no worries. Just fry the sattu powder in ghee and mix it with jaggery. Roll them into laddus. You can also add dry fruits to these laddus. Favorite of younger Ms. I am sure every child will like it.

School Snacks For kids Idli Fry

This is our favorite snack. As soon as I make big idlis, I break them into pieces. Add oil to the pan, add mustard, as it separates, I add onion, curry leaves. Until they are done, I add a little red chili powder and turmeric. Mix it well and add the broken idli. Mix it well and top with coriander.

School Snacks For kids Crispy Onion Rings

Onion rings are coated with wet chickpea flour and fried in peanut oil, but nothing but crispy onion rings. I usually give yogurt or pickle as accompaniment. 
I do not use purchased sauces.
If the lunchbox contains chapattis and vegetables as lunch, I serve poha or puffed rice 
(roasted in ghee, curry leaves, and cumin) as breakfast. Makhana or puffed lotus seeds 
(roasted in ghee, curry leaves, and cumin) also taste good and are nutritious yet light on the stomach. These are some simple snack items that we can make in a moment...

Let me know if you have any other snacks that you make often… 

I would love to try it.


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